Update parameters used in reports

To update parameters used in reports, use the command unit/update_report_settings:



Name Description
itemId unit ID
params parameters
speedLimit speed limit, km/h
maxMessagesInterval maximum interval between messages, seconds
dailyEngineHoursRate daily engine hours rate, hours
urbanMaxSpeed urban speed limit, km/h
mileageCoefficient mileage coefficient
speedingTolerance allowed speeding, km/h (used if speedingMode = 1)
speedingMinDuration min speeding time, seconds
speedingMode speeding detection mode:
0 - use speedLimit,
1 - use map data
fuelRateCoefficient Consumption by rates, l/100km

If speedingMode = 0 and speedLimit = 0 then no any speeding table is built.


{}	/* empty object if execution successful, if not - error code */
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