Fuel consumption: fuel fillings/thefts detection

This method is deprecated. Updating parameters via sensor settings (see. Fuel Sensor Configuration).

To update parameters of fuel fillings/thefts detection, use the command unit/update_fuel_level_params:



Name Description
itemId unit ID
flags flags of fillings and thefts (see Fuel consumption)
ignoreStayTimeout ignore the messages after the start of motion, sec
minFillingVolume minimum fuel filling volume, litres
minTheftTimeout minimum stay timeout to detect fuel theft, sec
minTheftVolume minimum fuel theft volume, litres
filterQuality filter quality (0..255)
fillingsJoinInterval timeout to separate consecutive fillings, sec
theftsJoinInterval timeout to separate consecutive thefts, sec
extraFillingTimeout timeout to detect final filling volume, sec


{}	/* empty object if execution successful, if not - error code */
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