The server may return JSON with errors:

Error code Description
0 Successful operation (for example for logout it will be success exit)
1 Invalid session
2 Invalid service name
3 Invalid result
4 Invalid input
5 Error performing request
6 Unknown error
7 Access denied
8 Invalid user name or password
9 Authorization server is unavailable
10 Reached limit of concurrent requests
11 Password reset error
14 Billing error
1001 No messages for selected interval
1002 Item with such unique property already exists
Item cannot be created according to billing restrictions
1003 reason 1 - Only one request is allowed at the moment
1003reason 2 - “reason”:“LIMIT api_concurrent”
1003 reason 3 - “reason”:“LAYERS_MAX_COUNT”
1003 reason 4 - “reason”:“NO_SESSION”
1003 reason 5 - “reason”:“LOCKER_ERROR”
1004 Limit of messages has been exceeded
1005 Execution time has exceeded the limit
1006 Exceeding the limit of attempts to enter a two-factor authorization code
1011 Your IP has changed or session has expired
2006 No possible to transfer unit to this account
2008 User doens't have ascess to unit (due transfering to new account)
2014 Selected user is a creator for some system objects, thus this user cannot be bound to a new account
2015 Sensor deleting is forbidden because of using in another sensor or advanced properties of the unit

For the following requests, {“error”:1} will be returned if svc is not specified:

  • core/login
  • core/use_auth_hash
  • token/login
  • user/locator
  • driver/operate
  • resource/driver_operate
  • resource/driver_status
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