Set user settings flags

To set user flags (additional properties), use the command user/update_user_flags:



Name Description
userId user ID
flags settings flags
flagsMask mask that determines which bits will be changed

User settings flags:

Value Description
0x01 User disabled
0x02 Can't change password
0x04 Can create items
0x10 Can't change settings
0x20 Can send SMS

The example of using mask and user settings flags:

We need to allow user changing password (0x02), to forbid changing settings(0x10), and to leave all the other flags without changes. In such case mask will be 0x2 + 0x10 = 0x12. Flag 0x02 must be removed, and flag 0x10 must be set, therefore parameter flag will be 0x10.


	"fl":<uint>	/* flags */
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