Profile fields

To update profile fields, use the command item/update_profile_field:



Name Description
itemId item ID
n custom field name
v custom field value

Profile fields

You can use following profile fields:

Name Description
vehicle_class Vehicle type
vin VIN
registration_plate Registration plate
brand Brand
model Model
year Year
color Color
engine_model Engine model
engine_power Engine power, kW
engine_displacement Engine displacement, ccm
primary_fuel_type Primary fuel type
cargo_type Cargo type
carrying_capacity Carrying capacity, t
width Width, mm
height Height, mm
depth Depth, mm
effective_capacity Effective capacity
gross_vehicle_weight Gross vehicle weight
axles Axles


	<long>,		/* field ID */
		"id":<long>,	/* field ID */
		"n":<text>,	/* field name */
		"v":<text>	/* field value */
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