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Token login

To get token please use forms mentioned in New authorization way. For processing under token token/login is used. Command signature is as follows:



Name Description
token unique token name, 72 symbols
operateAs subuser name to login (optional parameter)
fl response flags
Flag HEX Flag DEC Description
0x1 1 basic info
0x2 2 user info
0x4 4 token info
0x8 8 items info
0x10 16 billing services info
0x20 32 user CustomProperties

How to get token name?

- create new token (token/update command, callmode:create);
- execute token/list command (if tokens already created).

You cannot login under non-activated token (refer to at-param in token parameters).


Response is the same as if the user has regularly logged in (core/login) using account that created token. Nevertheless new token-param is added with all token parameters as value:

	...,		/* core/login response */
								/* all token settings as escaped json */
	...		/* core/login response */
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