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 ====== Change billing plan ====== ====== Change billing plan ======
-To assign biiling ​plan use command **account/​update_plan**: ​+To set a billing ​planuse the command **account/​update_plan**: ​
 <code javascript>​ <code javascript>​
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 </​code>​ </​code>​
-:!: //​Attention!//​\\ To assign billing ​plans current user must have access rights of type: account ​management ​(see [[../​core/​check_items_billing#​Resources| Access flags: Resources]]) ​upon specified accounalso current user must be direct or inderect ​parent of specified ​account.+:!: //​Attention!//​\\ To assign ​billing ​plan to an account, the current user must have the right to manage this account (see [[../​core/​check_items_billing#​Resources| Access flags: Resources]]). Besidesthe current user must be direct or indirect ​parent of the account.
 ===== Parameters ===== ===== Parameters =====
 ^ Name ^ Description ^ ^ Name ^ Description ^
-| itemId | resource(account) ID |+| itemId | resource (account) ID |
 | plan | billing plan name | | plan | billing plan name |
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