Add/remove units from session

For adding units into session use events/update_units:


To remove units from session use this signature:



Param Description
mode mode: add, remove
id unit id
detect sensor types (what to monitor)
trips trips (see below)
lls FLS (see below)
ignition ignition sensor (see below)
sensors other sensors not mentioned above (see below)
counters counters

:!: To deal with “detect” elements (trips, lls, sensors, ignition) you may use sensor id or 0 (to add all sensors according to group stated). For trips it is always 0 to use (there is no trip sensor anyway).

:!: To add all unit sensors please use:



1. To add all ingition sensors and other sensors:




2. To all FLS wit id=2 and other sensor with id=6:



    units:<uint>        /* number of units added into session */
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