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Search items by property

To search items possessing certain property, use the command core/search_items:


:!: You can find an example of this request in the sample Item search.


Name Description
spec search specification
itemsType item type (see the list below)
propName name of the property which value will be searched (see the list of possible properties below)
propValueMask property value mask (character “*” can be used)
sortType name of the property used for sorting
force 0 - if such search has been done, then return cached result, 1 - to do a new search
flags data flags for the response (the value of this parameter depends on item type; data formats of all item types and their flags are described in the chapter Data format.)
from index of the first returned item
to index of the last returned item (0xffffffff - last found)

Item types (field “itemsType”):

  • avl_resource – resource;
  • avl_retranslator – retranslator;
  • avl_unit – unit;
  • avl_unit_group – unit group;
  • user – user.

Properties of item (fields “propName” and “sortType”):

  • sys_name – item name;
  • sys_unique_id – item ID;
  • sys_user_creator – creator GUID;
  • sys_comm_state – hardware state (1 - enabled, 0 - disabled).


	"searchSpec":{			/* search specification */
		"itemsType":<text>,		/* items type */
		"propName":<text>,		/* property name */
		"propValueMask":<text>,		/* property value mask */
		"sortType":<text>		/* property name for sorting */
	"dataFlags":<uint>,		/* applied data flags */
	"totalItemsCount":<uint>,	/* quantity of found items */
	"indexFrom":<uint>,		/* beginning index */
	"indexTo":<uint>,		/* ending index */
	"items":[{...}]			/* found items */

The format of “items” array depends on item type. All formats are described in the chapter Data format.


Code Value
1 invalid session
2 invalid service name
3 invalid result
4 invalid format or value of parameters
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