Create retranslator

To create a new retranslator, use the command core/create_retranslator:



Name Description
creatorId ID of a user who will be assigned a creator for a new retranslator
name new retranslator name (at least 4 characters)
config retranslator configuration
protocol protocol ID (see below)
server retranslation server
port port (for all protocols except NIS)
auth authorization (only for NIS and Wialon IPS protocols)
ssl use SSL (for NIS): 0 - no, 1 - yes
debug use debug mode: 0 - no, 1 - yes
v6type use protocol ver.6 (only for Granit Navigator): 0 - no, 1 - yes


  • wialon – Wialon Retranslator;
  • wialon_ips – Wialon IPS;
  • nis – Nis;
  • granit3 – Granit Navigator;
  • skaut – Skaut;
  • cyber_glx – Cyber GLX;
  • vt300 – VT300;
  • egts – EGTS;
  • soap – SOAP.

:!: Attention!
The set of parameters in the object config depends on protocol type.


You can find the format of response in the chapter Data format: Retranslators.


Code Value
1 invalid session
2 invalid service name
3 invalid result
4 invalid format or value of parameters
6 - creator ID doesn't exist
- error creating retranslator (could be forbidden to create elements)
- service is not activated
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