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Request gis_get_route is used to get route by points:


Params (should be encoded by application/x-www-form-urlencoded, colon-separation provided for readability):

lat1: 53.87159
lon1: 27.48803
lat2: 53.9225
lon2: 27.51343
flags: 1
uid: 14809662
sid: 022df8......


Name Description
uid user's id
lat1 1st point latitude
lon1 1st point longitude
lat2 2nd point latitude
lon2 2nd point longitude
flags 1 - value to get full response


    "status": "OK",
    "points": "kvxgIutwf...", (points encoded as Google Polyline)
    "distance": {
        "text": "9.30 km",
        "value": 9299.13964844
    "duration": {
        "text": "10 min",
        "value": 611
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