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Get chart

To get a chart, use the command report/get_result_chart:


:!: Сurrent request can't be executed simultaneously with following requests:

:!: You can find an example of this request in the sample Reports.


Name Description
attachmentIndex attachment index
action action: 0 - set flags and render, 1 - zooming, 2 - auto scale of Y-axis
width width
height height
autoScaleY auto scale of Y-axis: 0 - disable, 1 - enable
pixelFrom zoom: from current pixel
pixelTo zoom: to current pixel
flags chart flags

Chart flags:

Flag Description
0x01 put the header above the chart
0x02 put the header under the chart
0x04 do not show the header
0x40 set X-axis captions direction from up to down
0x80 set X-axis captions direction from down to up
0x100 put the chart legend above the chart
0x200 put the chart legend under the chart
0x400 put the chart legend to the left from the chart
0x800 put the chart legend to the right from the chart
0x1000 always show the legend, even in case of one dataset


Returns image in PNG format.

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