Get list of table types

To get the list of tables which can be included in reports, use the command report/get_report_tables:



		"id":<uint>,		/* table ID */
		"n":<text>,		/* system table name */
		"l":<text>,		/* default table name */
		"t":<text>,		/* table type */
		"ct":<text>,		/* type of template in which this table can be used */
		"pt":<text>,		/* text parameters */
		"gt":<text>,		/* advanced grouping settings */
		"col":[			/* array of columns */
				"n":<text>,	/* system column name */
				"l":<text>,	/* default column name */
				"sl":<text>,	/* list of column headers (if it is a statistics table) */
				"t":<text>,	/* column type */
				"f":<uint>	/* column flags (see below) */

Report template types are described in the chapter Get templates data.

Column flags

Flag Description
0x01 show as table column
0x02 show as statistics column
0x04 show as global switcher
0x08 show as column with position data
0x10 show as chart axis

Values for "pt"-param

Value Description
geozones Geozones/units
unfinished_ival Unfinished interval
duration Duration
mileage Mileage
base_eh_sensor Engine hours sensor
engine_hours Engine hours
speed Speed
trips Trips
stops Stops
parkings parkings
sensors Sensors
sensor_name Sensor mask
driver Driver
trailer Trailer
fillings Fillings
thefts Thefts
duration_format Furation format
geozones_ex Extended geozones/units
username Username mask
route_points Route points
event_mask Events mask
rides Rides, applicable for “Unit”-“Unfinished rides”, “Unit group”-“Rides”
fields_config Fields type, applicable for “Custom fields” tables
units Units, applicable for “Maneuvers” tables
interval trace interval in minutes, applicable for “Unit” -“Sensor tracing”
group_zones_pass “Consider group as a whole” option is available, applicable for “Unit group”-“Non-visited geofences”
routes applicable for “Routes” tables
last_location “Consider report interval” option is available, applicable for “Unit latest data” table
hide_total “Total” checkbox is hidden for that table
groupitem “Group itself” option is available, applicable for “Unit group” –> “Log” and “Custom Fields” tables
noschedule No “Time limitation” option available, applicable for “Summary” and “Latest unit data” tables
hide_driver_split “Retrieve intervals” checkbox is hidden in driver filter
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