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To execute any command in Wialon Pro, you need authorize and get session ID.


The example of authorization is described below. Detailed description of response format you can find in chapter core/login.



    "uid": 7,
    "eid": 2,
    "ssid": "86e4cb77576c64fa96fcc2eae34a9079",
    "pi": 2,
    "tm": 1362556512,
    "user": {
        "nm": "wialon",
        "cls": 1,
        "id": 7,
        "gd": "940804612cf7d75865a8e7f3d8457b28",
        "prp": {},
        "pup": {
            "language": "en",
            "tz": "134228528",
            "umap": "WebGIS",
            "ursstp": "0x1ebf",
        "crt": 0,
        "bact": 27,
        "fl": 4,
        "usnf": {},
        "smsp": ""
    "classes": {
        "avl_hw": 5,
        "avl_resource": 4,
        "avl_retranslator": 6,
        "avl_unit": 3,
        "avl_unit_group": 7,
        "user": 1

For further operations, we need session ID which is specified in the field ssid. In our case it is 86e4cb77576c64fa96fcc2eae34a9079.


To stop working with Wialon and logout from the system, deactivate the session making the following request:




Such result tells us that the exit was successful.

Parameters of this request as well as the returned value are described in the chapter Logout.

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