:!: Pay attention that ActiveX technology is outdated and is not recommended. As an alternative that gives access to all the functions of the system and allows you to work with larger amounts of data in a two-way exchange mode, use SDK.

ActiveX allows to connect to the satellite tracking server Wialon™ through TCP/IP session (Internet or LAN) from different OLE applications such as 1C, Excel, Visual Basic, Word, or any HTML page.

ActiveX can be used also to create client connections which work with Wialon™ from different IDE such as Visual C++, Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Application, Visual .NET, Delphi, etc.

It is possible to maintain unlimited number of clients connected to different Wialon™ servers at the same time.

WialonActiveX is designed as ActiveX COM server in the form of system DLL. The program is ready to use right after the installation. It does not need any additional configuration.

This component is available in two versions: for 32-bit applications – WialonActiveX and for 64-bit applications – WialonActiveX64. Both of them can be installed on Windows x64 OS at the same time in order to be used in different kinds of applications.

:!: Attention! This module is licensed separately and can be not included in your package.

Download ActiveX

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