Fuel consumption

To get fuel consumption settings of a unit, use the command unit/get_fuel_settings:



Name Description
itemId unit ID


	<uint>,			/* method of calculating fuel consumption (see below) */
	{			/* detection of fuel fillings/thefts */
		"fl":<uint>,		/* flags of fillings and thefts (see below) */
		"fms":<uint>,		/* ignore the messages after the start of motion, sec  */
		"fmv":<double>,		/* minimum fuel filling volume, litres */
		"tms":<uint>,		/* minimum stay timeout to detect fuel theft, sec */
		"tmv":<double>,		/* minimum fuel theft volume, litres */
		"fq":<ubyte>		/* filter quality (0..255) */
	},{			/* consumption math */
		"idling":<double>,	/* idling, litres per hour */
		"urban":<double>,	/* urban cycle, litres per 100 km */
		"suburban":<double>,	/* suburban cycle, litres per 100 km */
		"loaded_coef":<uint>	/* coefficient when moving under load */
	},{			/* consumption by rates */
		"winter_consumption":<double>,	/* winter consumption, litres per 100 km */
		"summer_consumption":<double>,	/* summer consumption, litres per 100 km */
		"winter_month_from":<uint>,	/* winter from (month: 0-11) */
		"winter_day_from":<uint>,	/* winter from (day 1-31) */
		"winter_month_to":<uint>,	/* winter to (month 0-11) */
		"winter_day_to":<uint>		/* winter to (day 1-31) */
	},{			/* impulse fuel consumption sensors */
		"max_impulses":<uint>,		/* max impulses */
		"skip_zero":<uint>		/* skip first zero value */

Method of calculating fuel consumption:

Flag Description
0x0 do not use fuel consumption in reports
0x01 consumption math
0x02 fuel level sensors
0x04 replace invalid values with math consumption
0x08 absolute fuel consumption sensors
0x10 impulse fuel consumption sensors
0x20 instant fuel consumption sensors
0x40 consumption by rates

Flags of fillings and thefts:

Flag Description
0x01 merge same name sensors (fuel level)
0x02 filter fuel level sensors values
0x04 merge same name sensors (fuel consumption)
0x08 detect fuel filling only while stopped
0x10 time-based fuel level sensors consumption
0x20 calculate filling/theft volume by raw messages
0x40 ignore filtration when calculating filling volume
0x80 ignore filtration when calculating theft volume
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