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Services management

To manage services (available features and their cost), use the command core/update_billing_service:



Name Description
itemId resource (account) ID
name service name (complete list of services is given in the chapter Detailed information about account)
type service type (see below)
intervalType interval type (see below)
costTable cost table
description description

Service types:

  • 1 – on demand (for example, SMS). IntervalType defines frequency of service usage counter reset.
  • 2 – periodic services, payments for them must be performed in specified time interval.

Interval types:

  • 0 – never;
  • 1 – hourly;
  • 2 – daily;
  • 3 – weekly;
  • 4 – monthly.


{}	/* empty object if execution successful, if not - error code */
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