Coordinates: Simple search

To get coordinates by specified address, use the request:


Note: {host} is usually
:!: You can find an example of this request in the sample Address and coordinates detection.


Name Description
country name of a country or its part (optional)
region name of a region or its part (optional)
city name of a city or its part (optional)
street name of a street or its part (optional)
flags search and format flags (see below)
count output result count
indexFrom sequence number of the first result (optional)
uid current user ID

Search flags:

Flag Description
0x0 search country
0x1 search region
0x2 search city
0x3 search street
0x4 search house
0x100 add fields with formatted address path into result
0x200 add map name into result
0x400 add coordinates into result

Format flags are described in the chapter Address.


	"items":[	/* results array */
			"name":<text>,		/* name of searching element */
			"map":<text>,		/* map name */
			"x":<double>,		/* longitude */
			"y":<double>,		/* latitude */
			"path":<text>,		/* part of address path, excluding part which placed in "name" */
			"formatted_path":<text>	/* formatted according to flags address string */
	"more":<uint>	/* some more results: 0 - no, 1 - yes */
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