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To get address by specified coordinates, use the request:


Note: {host} is usually
:!: You can find an example of this request in the sample Address and coordinates detection.


Name Description
coords array with coordinates
city_radius minimal city radius, km (optional)
Minimal city radius says that if no city has been found within maximum distance from unit (the previous option), then the address is bound to another city. How big this city should be to form the address, you indicate here – minimum radius of a city. This can be used to eliminate small cities from addresses.
dist_from_unit maximal distance from unit, km (optional)
Maximal distance from unit says that if unit is located near a road and there is a city (i.e. city, town, village) within the indicated distance, then in the address you will have the road's name and distance to the city.
txt_dist metrics of maximal distance from unit (optional)
flags flags of output format (see below)
uid current user ID

You can format output by digits from 1 to 5:

  • 1 – Country
  • 2 – Region
  • 3 – City
  • 4 – Street
  • 5 – House

By default: 45321 (Street, House, City, Region, Country). For formatting use any of this digits five or less times. This output format is placed into flags by following algorithm: any digit is specified by 3 bits, beginning from 31 bit, it means max quantity of involved bits equals to 15 (from 31 to 17).

Format Decimal Binary Result
45321 1255211008 0 100 101 011 010 001 0000000000000000 Street, House, City, Region, Country
45 1241513984 0 100 101 000 000 000 0000000000000000 Street, House
33333 920322048 0 011 011 011 011 011 0000000000000000 City, City, City, City, City


[<text>]	/* array of addresses */
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