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Hardware types

To get the list of available hardware types, use the command core/get_hw_types:



All params are optional.

Name Description
filterType filter type, may be:
filterValue filter value array (delimiter is comma), for different 'filterType'
values may be as follows::
name – full device name(s),
id – device id(s),
type – values: auto, tracker, mobile, soft
includeType flag, whether to show device type
in response or not
ignoreRename flag, whether to ignore device type rename or not


[		/* hardware types */
	    "id":<uint>,		/* ID */
	    "uid2":<uint>,		/* second ID */
	    "name":<text>,		/* name */
	    "hw_category":<text>,	/* hardware type */
	    "tp":<text>,		/* TCP port */
	    "up":<text> 		/* UDP port */
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