Items access rights check

To check current user access rights on items, use the command core/check_items_billing:


While processing a request, available services and access rights on items are checked. For example, a user has a right to create POIs in some resource, however, according to service's cost table, the limit of allowed POIs has been reached, so this resource will not be present in the result array.


Name Description
items array of item IDs
accessFlags access flags (described below)
serviceName service name (see Detailed information about account)


	<long>		/* array of items that the user can access */

Access flags

Flag Description
0x0001 View item and its basic properties
0x0002 View detailed item properties
0x0004 Manage access to this item
0x0008 Delete item
0x0010 Rename item
0x0020 View custom fields
0x0040 Manage custom fields
0x0080 Edit not mentioned properties
0x0100 Change icon
0x0200 Query reports or messages
0x0400 Edit ACL propagated items
0x0800 Manage item log
0x1000 View administrative fields
0x2000 Edit administrative fields
0x4000 View attached files
0x8000 Edit attached files
Units and unit groups
Flag Description
0x0000100000 Edit connectivity settings (device type, UID, phone, access password, messages filter)
0x0000200000 Create, edit, and delete sensors
0x0000400000 Edit counters
0x0000800000 Delete messages
0x0001000000 Execute commands
0x0002000000 Register events
0x0004000000 View connectivity settings (device type, UID, phone, access password, messages filter)
0x0010000000 View service intervals
0x0020000000 Create, edit, and delete service intervals
0x0040000000 Import messages
0x0080000000 Export messages
0x0400000000 View commands
0x0800000000 Create, edit, and delete commands
0x4000000000 Edit trip detector and fuel consumption
0x8000000000 Use unit in jobs, notifications, routes, retranslators
Flag Description
0x100000 Manage user`s access rights
0x200000 Act as given user (create items, login, etc.)
0x400000 Change flags for given user
0x800000 View push messages
0x1000000 Edit push messages
Flag Description
0x100000 Edit retranslator properties including start/stop
0x200000 Add or remove units from retranslator, change their UIDs
Resources (Accounts)
Flag Description
0x0000000100000 View notifications
0x0000000200000 Create, edit, and delete notifications
0x0000000400000 View POIs
0x0000000800000 Create, edit, and delete POIs
0x0000001000000 View geofences
0x0000002000000 Create, edit, and delete geofences
0x0000004000000 View jobs
0x0000008000000 Create, edit, and delete jobs
0x0000010000000 View report templates
0x0000020000000 Create, edit, and delete report templates
0x0000040000000 View drivers and driver groups
0x0000080000000 Create, edit, and delete drivers and driver groups
0x0000100000000 Manage account
0x0000200000000 View orders
0x0000400000000 Create, edit, and delete orders
0x0100000000000 View trailers and trailer groups
0x0200000000000 Create, edit, and delete trailers and trailer groups
Flag Description
0x0000000100000 Edit route properties
Flag Description
0xfffffffffffffff Sets all possible access flags to an item
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