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List folder content

You may see storage folder structure by using this file/list-command:



Param Description
itemId element id
storageType storage type:
1 - public(all users may see/download files ),
2 - protected (that users may see/download files who being grant rights)
path relative path from root folder to the file
mask name mask; you may use '*':
it can wildcard 0, 1, …, namy symbols
recursive flag, whether you want content be shown recursively
fullPath flag, whether you want elements fullpath be shown

:!: Only element creator may put and remove files.


:!: 'n/c'-signature means that hierarchy element is 'folder', 'n/s'-signature states that element is 'file'.

		"n": <text>,		/* path to the folder being chosen, starts with "public" or "protected" */
		"c": [			/* root folder content, inside may be files and/or folders */
					"n": <text> 	/* folder name */
					"c": [...]	/* folder content, inside may be files and/or folders */
					"n": <text>, 	/* file name */
					"s": <text> 	/* file size (bytes) */

IF the path does not exist then:

    "error": 5
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