List library content

If you want to get files from default or custom libraries please use file/library command:



type library name; default values: unit, group, poi
flags 0 - list files from default library only (valid are default
type values);
1 - list files from all available hierarchy libraries recur-
sively (this account, parent, parent's parent etc)

How to create custom library and find it?

1. Create “library” directory in the account public file storage (<account_id>/1/library);
2. Put custom library in “library” folder (put assumed “cust_lib” library – <account_id>/1/library/cust_lib);
3. To list library content we type library name as type value (so we will search type:'cust_lib' from the example above).


    "<account_id>": [        /* account id, 0 - default library */
                          "n":<text>,      /* file name */
                          "s":<uint>,      /* file size (bytes) */
                          "ct":<uint>,     /* file creation time, UNIX-time */
                          "mt":<uint>      /* file last modification time, UNIX-time */
    ...                      /* other account ids (if any) */
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