Send on-line notices

To send an on-line notice to a user, use the command user/update_user_notification:


:!: You can find an example of this request in the sample Executing several commands at once.


Name Description
itemId user ID
id notice ID (required for deleting)
callMode action: create, delete
Optional parameters (required for create and update)
h subject
d message text settings
body text
с color, RGB
fs font size
multiple multiple activation: 1 - да, 0 - нет
s sender
ttl lifetime, when expires the notice will be deleted (UTC)

If ttl-param points to the date in past, then notifications trigger only while online (aren't stored on server). ttl – date in millisecs from 1 Jan 1970.


On create:

	<long>,		/* notice ID */
		"id":<long>,	/* notice ID */
		"t":<uint>,	/* lifetime (UTC) */
		"d":<text>,	/* message text */
		"h":<text>,	/* subject */
		"s":<text>	/* sender */

On delete:

	<long>, 	/* notice ID */
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