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 +====== ​ Messages ======
 +This chapter describes commands for operating with message loader. You can load messages into the loader using [[load_last|messages/​load_last]] or [[load_interval|messages/​load_interval]] commands and keep working with them.
 +To load other messages, just add another set of them. You're still able to flush current set by using [[unload|messages/​unload]] command at your choice.
 +<note important>​
 +The loader permits only **one** set of messages to load into, the set is put into session on server side. Further a command like [[../​unit/​calc_sensors|unit/​calc_sensors]] invocation can be made on the set of messages.\\
 +Loading the next set of messages into the loader will cause automatic flush of current one.
 +{{indexmenu>​.#​1|context tsort nsort}}
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