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  <tr class=row1> ​  <tr class=row1> ​
  <td class=col1 align=center>​ <​i>​View connectivity settings</​i>​ </td>  <td class=col1 align=center>​ <​i>​View connectivity settings</​i>​ </td>
- <td class=col2 align=center> ​0x10000000 ​</td>  + <td class=col2 align=center> ​0x0004000000 ​</td>  
- <td class=col2 align=center> ​268435456 ​</​td> ​+ <td class=col2 align=center> ​67108864</​td> ​
  </​tr>​  </​tr>​
  <tr class=row1> ​  <tr class=row1> ​
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