Counter calculation parameters

To update calculation parameters for counters, use the command unit/update_calc_flags:



Name Description
itemId unit ID
newValue new counter calculation flags (see below)

Counter calculation flags:

Flag Description
0x000 Mileage counter: GPS
0x001 Mileage counter: Mileage sensor
0x002 Mileage counter: Relative odometer
0x003 Mileage counter: GPS + engine ignition sensor
0x010 Engine hours counter: Engine ignition sensor
0x020 Engine hours counter: Absolute engine hours sensor
0x040 Engine hours counter: Relative engine hours sensor
0x100 Auto calculation of mileage from new messages
0x200 Auto calculation of engine hours from new messages
0x400 Auto calculation of GPRS traffic


	"cfl":<uint>	/* flags applied */
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